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ALL online operations worldwise are still in full swing!

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About Four Corners Rugs

Quality  |  Integrity  |  Affordability  |  Sustainability

Four Corners Rugs brings you great quality handmade area rugs in a variety of contemporary styles, all with an affordable price-tag!

We are two young Melbournians who come from a trusted family of ruggists with over 30 years' experience in the industry. We use this expertise to work with you to decorate your home, work, event or creative space within your budget.

With our contemporary collections that focus on modern designs and textures as well as our unique vintage Persian carpets, we are confident we can find your perfect rug.

We also prioritise the use of natural wools, fibres and sustainable materials when selecting our base and seasonal collections.

We sell retail. We sell wholesale. We custom order.

We're in your corner.

Ari & Talla

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The Rug Edition


RUGS 101 TYPES OF RUGS AND MAKES Those of you who have shopped with us or come into the showroom will be "pros" on this topic - we love educating p...

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WHAT SIZE RUG DO I NEED? One of the most frequently asked questions we get in store is what size rug do I need? While the final decision does come ...

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Everybody Needs A Rug 2020

A monthly reminder that everyone is unique, creative and welcome at Four Corners Rugs

Everybody Needs A Rug 2020 Calendar

O C T O B E R  |  2 0 2 0 🎭

With Tallaween.. oops meant to say Halloween... coming up this month, we thought we would get you in the mood (potentially in more ways than one) with this little reminder!

Whether you decide to dress up (or down) this year, remember there’s nothing scary about being in your own skin every other day!

Everybody needs to feel free to express themselves. Everybody needs to respect others’ quirks and perks 🍑 Everybody needs a rug.

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