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We're all busy, we all love a good wine and most of us have kids, pets or clumsy friends... but don't fret, none of these things should deter you from having a beautiful rug in your home or office.

As for the accidental spillages, pet woes or food fights - please refer to our detailed cleaning recommendations below.

Remember, each rug is different and the yarns or fibres used to create your rug may need special treatment. Always make sure you know the composition of your rug before attending to any cleaning recommendations.

General Maintenance 


All fibers will shed upon initial usage. This subsides after the “break-in” period, the duration of which will vary depending on the quality of the yarns in your rug.


Some fibers, especially if hand-spun, will be embedded in the pile of the rug especially as it may have been missed in the hand cutting process.

This may lead to fibres rising to the surface of the rug (“spouting”) with normal everyday use.  The “sprouts” should simply be clipped back to the rug’s pile height to even everything out.


Vacuum approximately once a week to maintain your lush decorative friend in good condition. When vacuuming the rug, vacuum it with the nap of the rug or to the width of the rug to avoid pressure on the arms.

We do not recommend using a vacuum with a rotating bristle brush on your rug as it may tear or fray the fibers.

If you get mud on your rug, we advise that you allow the mud to dry and then gently brush it off or vacuum it once dried.

Washing (do not dry or steam clean)

We do not recommend dry cleaning or use of dry cleaning solvents on rugs. We also do not recommend steam cleaning as it leaves moisture in the rug and if not dried quickly it will rot fibers and foundation of the rug.

NOTE: we never recommend steam cleaning bamboo silk, viscose or other artificial silk fibre rugs or use dry cleaning solvents on them. The moisture may leave a permanent yellow stain.

Please refer to our recommended network of professional rug laundries below for your washing needs.

We recommend washing your rugs when they start to look a bit shabby - every couple of years is ample. We do not recommend over washing bamboo silk, viscose or other artificial silk rugs as too many washes may change the rug's colour and texture.


Liquid Spills & Spot Cleaning

Liquid spills (general)

For all liquid spillages, blot out all the liquid using clean absorbent towels. Do not rub or scrub the rug, simply blot out as much of the liquid as possible. 

This means using lots of paper towels on the top and bottom of the rug and even placing a heavy object on top of a heap of paper towel to draw out moisture. You can even use a fan near the area on a cool setting. 

We do not recommend applying too much heat to the rug especially to silk and artificial silk fibers (ie bamboo silk, viscose etc).

We also do not recommend the use of carpet shampoo on bamboo silk, viscose or any other artificial silk fibers.

NOTE: bamboo silk, viscose and other artificial silk fibres can leave a yellow watermark if not dried quickly.

If a stain persists, contact a reputable professional carpet cleaner with specific viscose rug expertise. 

Once dry, and should the rug's texture feel a little different, lightly brush the pile with a very soft bristle brush (you can use a suede shoe brush or toothbrush you don't need).

Food/Oil spills

First, remove any physical droppings without smudging it into the rug further (we recommend spooning anything off gently).

We do not recommend using standard store bought cleaning solutions or shampoos.

Simply use a drop of liquid detergent (like Morning Fresh) mixed with some soda water or carbonated water, only use a small amount of a clean cloth or paper towel and blot out any remaining mess or stain. 

For large oil stains and serious stains contact professional rug cleaners.

Red wine spills

For NON-VISCOSE or NON-ART SILK rugs, blot out the liquid then place a bowl under the affected area and pour some diluted white vinegar, soda water or white wine (not all three - just pick one). Once the stain has been removed or faded, blot and repeat the drying and blotting process described above.

NOTE: we do not recommend the use of salt (despite what your Google searches may show), as salt will bleach the dyes in your rug.

Also, we do not recommend pouring or using water directly on the red wine spill as a first step, this sets the stain and will be harder to remove thereafter (soda water is OK).

For VISCOSE RUGS or ART SILK RUGS, do not excessively wet your rug. Viscose is extremely absorbent so attend to spillages ASAP with a clean cloth/towel/sponge and ensure the spill or spot cleaned area is dried immediately.

Leaving the spill for too long may cause the yarns to discolour or affect the rug's dyes and texture. If the spill has some colour to it, you can mix a small solution of:

1 teaspoon of white vinegar; and
3 teaspoons of warm water

Apply the solution with an eye dropper directly onto the stain - again, not too much as we don't want to excessively wet the rug.

Blot up the moisture, then sponge again several times with a dampened cloth. Then sponge dry using a super absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Make sure to dry your VISCOSE or ART-SILK rug immediately and until it is completely dry. For drying you may need to use a fan on a cool setting as it is imperative to rid the rug of all moisture

You may also wish to draw the moisture (aka dry the rug) from the back of the rug instead of its surface to try and draw any potential wet stain to the back of the rug.

If a stain persists, contact a reputable professional carpet cleaner with specific viscose rug expertise.


Stain Resistance Treatment

Fibre ProTector

For premium surface protection from stain, mould, wear and sun fade, especially on bamboo silk, viscose or artificial silk rugs, we recommend getting your rug treated with Fibre ProTector.

This treatment will buy you time with any accidents and assist with removing potential stains.

This is an application that is non-toxic, non allergenic and, most importantly, won’t change the texture or colour of your rug.

From our experience, this treatment works best for liquid spills and accidents (other than hot liquids, eg hot tea) and will not make your rug resistant to dirt and food stains. However, this treatment does make it easier for professional rug cleaners to attend to stain removal and general professional washes.

If you have any further questions or would like to book in for FibreProtector, you can contact Premium Service Protection

Recommended Rug Laundries


Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration

For all rugs

Factory 7/157-161 Beresford Rd, Lilydale VIC 314

(pick up and drop off service available)

Ph: 1800 835 204

Able Carpet Care 

For all rugs and FibreProtector application

Unit 5/6 Coora Rd, Oakleigh South VIC 3166

(home visits and spot cleaning available)

Ph: (03) 9562 7565

Melbourne Rug Wash

For all rugs (excl. Viscose or Art-Silk rugs) 

22 Edward St, Brunswick VIC 3056

Ph: (03) 9388 9666


New South Wales

Devine Rug Care

17 Mitchell Rd, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Ph: (02) 9982 1000


Western Australia (Perth Metro)

Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning

20 Pembury Rd, Thornile WA 6108

Ph: (08) 9493 3880

Always remember, if in doubt, then please call a reputable professional carpet cleaner with the appropriate expertise.