Interior Styling

Four Corners Interiors

Free rug styling advice

As part of your rug journey, we provide free rug styling advice to every customer. If you are shopping online, just contact us - we can do this virtually!

This means we will review your plans, images and/or furniture to determine the perfect rug size and style for your home.

Need more? Try our Interior Styling Services

We have been helping our clients with furniture store referrals for over three and a half years. A lot of our clients have been asking us to formally help them with sourcing their furniture and decorating their homes in a more hands-on way.

So, that is exactly what we now offer! Through Four Corners Interiors, you can  get quick and professional interior styling services.

We will provide you with all your furniture sourcing needs to ensure your personality, functional requirements and dream concept can all come together smoothly.

You can even get us to come in and put it all together for you for the perfect finish!

Is it expensive?
Similar to Four Corners Rugs, the aim of Four Corners Interiors is to be an affordable and accessible service.

To keep costs low, we operate predominantly online, with the exception of our initial consultation and initial site visit (virtual options available).

Each job is priced by room.

If you would like a quote, please contact us using the message box. Please include your contact number, address and number of rooms you think you need assistance with.

Four Corners Interiors Team x