Our Process

Thank you for your interest in engaging our interior decorating services! 

We will provide you with all your furniture sourcing needs to ensure your personality, functional requirements and dream concept can all come together smoothly.

We operate predominantly online to keep the whole process fast and efficient.

Once you have purchased our services, we will contact you within 24 hours to get some more information to start our preliminary work before commencing the steps below. 

STEP 1: Initial consultation, concept development & measurements 

In this step, we will meet with you, either in person or via Zoom. We will discuss your needs, review any photos or plans you may have of your space and consider your style preferences.

Following our meeting we will:

  • Review the existing plans and any interiors/decor you will be keeping.
  • Create a conceptual design, illustrating the style direction, colour scheme and general furnishing layouts via a digital mood board.
  • Create a preliminary list of all furniture items required for your space (which we can amend prior to sourcing).
  • Create an estimated furniture budget.

STEP 2: Furniture Sourcing

We will source all furniture required as outlined in Step 1. We will send you a detailed list of all furniture items and a final budget.

At this stage, we will meet again, via Zoom, for a 60min consultation to discuss the furniture options sourced and go over any changes required. 

Should any changes be required, you will be sent a final outline detailing the amendments. 

Please note that our highly competitive pricing only allows for one amendment in STEP 2. Should you require more than one 60min consultation and/or set of amendments, then you may incur additional charges at our hourly rate, which will be payable prior to the next Step commencing. 

STEP 3: Orders, project management and installation 

After receiving approval of items outlined in STEP 2, we will coordinate the ordering of the furniture on your behalf, this includes:

  • Obtaining all quotes and invoices. Please note that ALL applicable trade discounts will be passed on to you. 
  • Coordinating payment of all invoices.
  • Arranging deliveries to your space. We do not accept deliveries on your behalf.

OPTIONAL half day styling 
Once all items have been delivered, we can attend on site (together with hired movers) for a half day of decorative styling and positioning for you to have the perfect finish! 

PRICE: additional $650 

You can purchase this Half Day Styling at any time during the process. 

Hourly Rate (as required) 

Where additional services are required, an hourly rate of $100 per hour will be applied and payable as outlined on the invoice.

No responsibility for cancellation or delays

Please note that we are not responsible for any cancellation terms, conditions of a supplier or any delays on part of a supplier.

Should you wish to cancel an order after we have placed the order on your behalf, you will be bound by the supplier’s terms of purchase/cancellation policy. 

Time of delivery

After you have engaged us via purchasing a package online or in store, we will endeavour to complete the scope within your required time frames.

Should we not be able to meet your timing requirements, you will be notified during Step 1 and provided with a refund less a $150 non-refundable deposit for our time in completing preliminary drafting

If you have any questions, please let us know below! 

Four Corners Interiors x