100 Lines

Elegant, soft and showstopping, 100 Lines is all about texture and movement.

Sometimes you just need your rug to look understated yet luxe and that's exactly what 100 Lines is here for! You achieve that high end look through it's illuminating texture thanks to its bamboo silk composition.

Available in 4 classic colours and muted tones to remain dateless and sophisticated.

Please note that the rugs in this collection have a "dark" and a "light" side, similar to velvet. So when looking at the images, we have tired to showcases both shades that will be visible within in the rug.

How do you manage the variance in tone? Simple, just rotate the rug around to see the tone you prefer as you enter your room.

The rugs in the 100 Lines Collection are hand loom and comprised of 100% bamboo silk.