We're all busy, we all love a good wine and most of us have kids, pets or clumsy friends... but don't fret, none of these things should deter you from having a beautiful rug in your home or office.

Caring for your rug is simple - a quick vacuum approximately once a week should maintain your lush decorative friend in good condition.

As for the accidental spillages, pet woes or food fights - spot cleaning is the best way to go. Here are some tips for spot cleaning:

Got mud?

No worries. If you have a hand knotted rug, then the rug will act like mesh or a net. The water will leak through and when the mud dries, the remaining dirt can simply be vacuumed up.

Surprise spillages?

Try and attend to the spill as soon as possible with a clean cloth and press to absorb up the spill. No rubbing or circular motions - just blot with a cloth or paper towel.

Stains and coloured liquids?

Stress less - have a bottle of ordinary soda water always on hand. The sooner you can attend to the spill the better.

Simply add some soda water to the affected area (it will help lift the stain through the rug's fibres) and then blot the liquid off. Again, no rubbing or circular motions! Rubbing may embed a potential stain. 

If you haven't noticed the stain for a while or think that red wine was just a bit too heavy, then add a little bit of bi-carb soda to the soda water & blotting process.

Specialty clean?


Beautifully silky, luxurious and, best of all, affordable! But rugs made of 100% viscose (aka art silk) will need a little extra TLC when it comes to accidents.

Viscose is extremely absorbent so attend to spillages ASAP with a damp, clean cloth and ensure the spill or spot cleaned area is dried immediately. Leaving the spill for too long may cause the yarns to discolour or affect the rug's dyes.

Otherwise, viscose rugs will require a weekly vacuum like any other rug. When hoovering a viscose rug though, make sure you don't have the beater bars on.


Lovely, classic and easy to look after.  Wool rugs may shed as a natural consequence of how they are made but after a few weeks of good old vacuuming, this will ease.

Care instructions are the same as outlined above. However, if you see "stray" loops in your rug, always cut back with scissors. Do NOT pull. Easy? We think so!

Rug looking shabby & in need of a fresh feel?

If you have had your rug for years and feel like it needs a little "pick-me up" then feel free to contact us for advice on professional rug cleaning services available in Melbourne. Even your rug needs a day at the spa every now and then.

If you would like a copy of our complete Rug Care & Cleaning Guide (complete with some extra tips and tricks), please contact us

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