Vera Rug


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Every rug in the Moda Collection encourages a sense of modern luxury with various levels of intensity throughout the unique designs.   

The colours are carefully selected to ensure functionality with most modern decor and soft furnishing changes over the years.

The most popular rug colours for the past few years (and continuing) has been grey and blue. Why? Because it looks stunning and works with the most common black, grey or white couch in any modern home.

Blue is also the easiest colour to style with so even if you're feeling wild and want some bold accent colours around the room, nothing is stopping you from doing that when you have the colour palate of the Vera rug. This is the perfect living room or bedroom rug.

Make: Power loom, viscose (70%) and acrylic (30%)

Feel: soft and dense weave, thin in pile, with a silky feeling design and beautiful luster and shine throughout.

Colour: Grey (silver), white and blue

Size(s): 160 x 230cm; and 200 x 300cm; 240 x 340cm; and 300 x 400cm

Please note these are the true rug sizes. The drop down sizes may vary to assist with filter searches only.

Origin: Turkey

Collection: Moda Collection