Pink Haze - Oxidised Modern Rug


About Me

Pink Haze is a special rug, in that the wool in the rug has been oxidised. Meaning, it's been shaved back (by hand) in order to achieve a vintage and worn in look and feel. 

It's the modern day vintage rug. The abstract design makes in easy to style with and the pink running through the rug, allows for it to be statement in the room. But playing off the grey in the rug allows you to tone the rug down and transforming the rug to be more subtle in the space.

Make: Hand loom, comprising of oxidised wool and tencel

Feel: Oxidised wool gives this unique feel. Where the rug has that soft woollen feel, but with areas being shaved back for a more vintage texture. 

Colour: Pink and Grey

Size(s): 150 x 240cm; 240 x 300cm; and 270 x 360cm

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Origin: India