Oceana Maroon - Modern Textured Rug


About Me

The Oceana Collection is simply about texture and calming colours. The embossed (aka "high-low" pile) design of ripples add subtle interest and a plush feel.

The somewhat muted colours of the rugs in this collection are easy to style with and pay tribute to various worldly beaches - yes, even Oceana Maroon is a throwback to our trip to the Red Beach in Santorini!

Make: hand loom, wool and viscose blend

Feel: Like the sand ripples you get at the beach, Oceana gives you the same texture from the high/low pile but with the plushness of wool.

Colour: Rust

Size(s): 150 x 240cm; 240 x 300cm; and 270 x 360cm

Please note these are the true rug sizes. The drop down sizes may vary to assist with filter searches only.

Origin: India

Collection: Oceana Collection