Nirvana Bleach Rug


About Me

Each rug in the collection boasts a beautiful grey colour that works with most modern decor and furniture. Each rug then has its own unique design and contrast whether with the introduction of a lighter colour or further high/low pile (ie carving).

This collection is all about modern simplicity and texture.

A fan favourite and one of our "go to" rugs when we want something a little less complicated. The colours of the Bleach rug are hard to go wrong with and the texture is incredibly luxe.

Make: hand loom, wool and bamboo silk

Feel: Soft with a luxe shimmer. This collection has a high/low pile giving a beautiful texture and the lustre from the bamboo silk makes it soft to the touch.

Colour: Grey and white with black fleck

Size(s): 160 x 230cm; 200 x 290cm; 240 x 300cm; 240 x 340cm; 270 x 360cm; and 300 x 420cm

Please note these are the true rug sizes. The drop down sizes may vary to assist with filter searches only.

Origin: India

Collection: Nirvana Collection

We recommend Fibre ProTector treatment for this rug as it is susceptible to liquid stains and requires more delicate spot cleaning.