Blue Splash Modern Rug


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Who doesn't love a bargain?! Never did we think we would have rugs at cost price but you can thank COVID for that!

Make the most of these gorgeous and quality rugs while they last at these crazy prices.

Splash Blue is luminous and soft rug just brightens any room! This rug will work in any room, for us we love any rug with a border for the bedroom - it frames a bed just so nicely. Plus this rug feels so great under foot, so this is a "go to" for us when styling a bedroom!

Make: Hand loom print, 100% viscose

Feel: soft and silky to touch. Has a velvety texture and standard mid pile height.

Colour: Blue, white and grey

Size(s): 150 x 240cm; 240 x 300cm; 270 x 360cm and 300 x 420cm

Please note these are the true rug sizes. The drop down sizes may vary to assist with filter searches only.

Origin: India

We recommend Fibre ProTector treatment for this rug as it is susceptible to liquid stains and requires more delicate spot cleaning.