Rug Hire

How do I submit a request for hire?

Please contact us and provide us with:

  • your full name (and name of company - if applicable);

  • the rug(s) you are interested in and the size(s);

  • the desired duration of the hire (rugs are leased in weekly blocks); and

  • the reason for the hire (eg home staging, demo house, photo shoot etc).  

We will respond within 24 hours with a detailed quote, availability and next steps.

Please note that hire rugs are subject to availability and some collections may not be available for hire.

What is the price range for hiring rugs?

The hire price depends on the size and quality of each rug and the duration of the hire. Some hire prices start from as low as $100 for one week. Please contact us for a detailed quote on the rug(s) you are interested in for your required hire period.

We are happy to discuss corporate discounts for multiples hire periods.

Is there a minimum hire period?

We require payment of at least one week's hire. Should you not require the rug for a whole week we can arrange an early return. 

Is a bond required?

We hold an upfront amount equal to the full wholesale purchase price of each rug hired (in addition to the hire price) in case of damage, theft or other circumstance whereby the rug(s) is, in our sole discretion, no longer suitable for use or on-sold ("Hold Amount"). The Hold Amount will be outlined in the quote provided.

We will refund the Hold Amount upon return of the rug(s), provided the rug(s) is returned on time, in its original condition, is clean and undamaged, as determined in our sole discretion.

Should the rug(s) be returned and we consider it requires professional cleaning, a flat cleaning fee of $200 per rug will be withheld from the Hold Amount. The remainder of the Hold Amount will then be refunded to you.

Where is pick-up and drop-off?

All rugs can be collected from, and dropped-off to, our showroom located at 561-563 Church Street, Richmond. We can fold up the rug(s) nice and compactly to fit in any standard sized car.

Delivery and installation is available for Melbourne Metropolitan areas, subject to availability (additional costs may apply). Please let us know if you require this additional service.

What if I don't return the rugs by the specified date?

Please contact us immediately if you think you may not be able to return the rug(s) on the specified return date. Unless alternate arrangements have been agreed to, a late fee of $40 a day will be charged.

Please note that where you fail to return the rug(s) within 7 days, the Hold Amount will be retained by us in full and will not be refunded to you.

What if someone wants to buy the rug(s) after seeing it during my hire period - eg my home was sold fully furnished?

All quotes that we provide also include a wholesale price for each rug intended to be hired (this is equal to the Hold Amount). This is the price that you may quote should the rug(s) you have hired be sold/purchased during your hire period.

We require payment of the wholesale price by the last day of the hire period where a rug(s) is sold during your hire term.

If payment of the wholesale price isn't or cannot be arranged before the end of the hire period, we will simply retain the Hold Amount and it will not be refunded to you in consideration for the sale.

Am I locked in if I change my mind?

Of course not! We completely understand that people may change their minds. Where you have changed your mind, please let us know as soon as possible before the start date of your hire period.

What if I sold my house before the end of the campaign period? Am I locked in for the full hire period?

Congratulations would be in order! Should your campaign be cut short, then please contact us. We may assess your eligibility for a partial refund (ie for the remaining hire period) in special circumstances.