Nirvana Bleach Key Rug


About Me

Each rug in the collection boasts a beautiful grey colour that works with most modern decor and furniture. Each rug then has its own unique design and contrast whether with the introduction of a lighter colour or further high/low pile (ie carving).

This collection is all about modern simplicity and texture.

Simple, yet elegant. This particular colour gives you the presence of a rug without being too heavy in the room. Perfect for when you don't want to take away from other decor or furnishings. The carving in the key design is very subtle, but adds even more interest to the texture of the rug.

Make: hand loom, wool and bamboo silk

Feel: Soft with a luxe shimmer. This collection has a high/low pile giving a beautiful texture and the lustre from the bamboo silk makes it soft to the touch.

Colour: Silver grey, white and a slight black fleck.

Size(s): 240 x 300cm; 270 x 360cm; and 300 x 420cm

Please note these are the true rug sizes. The drop down sizes may vary to assist with filter searches only.

Origin: India

Collection: Nirvana Collection

We recommend Fibre ProTector treatment for this rug as it is susceptible to liquid stains and requires more delicate spot cleaning.